Additional Audio Items

Additional speakers and accessories to enhance your listening experience.
Additional Audio; In-ceiling Speakers
Create customized surround sound packages that match any decor with flush-mount, in-ceiling speakers.

Package includes:
Sonance S621SSTR, 100 Watt Speaker
Sonance S623SSTR, 135 Watt Speaker
Sonance S621 TR, 100 Watt Speaker
Sonance S622 TR, 125 Watt Speaker
Sonance S623 TR, 135 Watt Speaker
Sonance S624 TR, 140 Watt Speaker
Sonance S625 TR, 150 Watt Speaker
Sonance Ellipse 1.0, 125 Watt
Sonance 831 DR, 100 Watt
Sonance 832 DR, 150 Watt
Additional Audio; Outdoor Speakers
Create an outdoor soundscape that blends right in with your landscape. ISI offers many options for your outdoor entrtainment needs.

Package includes:
Sonance Mariner 82, 125 Watt 2 Each
Sonance Mariner 63, 100 Watt; 2 Each
Sonance Mariner 61, 80 Watt; 2 Each
Sonance Mariner 51, 60 Watt; 2 Each
Outdoor Rock speakers 150 Watt or enclosures
Additional Audio; Pre-wire
Add wiring to any location to extend your entertaining requirements.

Package includes:
Surround Sound, 5.1 option:
(3) Front Speaker Wires (Left, Center, and Right)
(2) Rear Speaker Wires (Left & Right)
(1) Subwoofer Wire
(1) Home Entertainment Connection Center

2 Speakers w/ Volume Control option:
(2) Speaker Wires to Volume Control
(2) Speaker Wires from Volume Control to Stereo base

Per Speaker or Subwoofer Wire option:
Each Speaker Wire to Stereo Base or Volume Control
Additional Audio; Subwoofers
Add booming bass to your home theater or stereo applications with our powerful yet unobtrusive subwoofers.

Package includes:
Sonance Virtuoso A800D 150 Watt (in-wall)
Sonance Sub 8 100 Watt
Sonance Sub 10 150 Watt