Additional CCTV items

XP-D542 1/3 Sony CCD

0.5 Lux, 420 TVL, 4-9mm vari-focal lens, 36 IR LEDs, 25 meters
XP-D548 1/3 Sony CCD

0.5 Lux, 480 TVL, 4-9mm vari-focal lens, 36 IR LEDs, 25 meters
XP-D742 1/3 Sony CCD

0.8 Lux, 420 TVL, 3.6/6mm lens, 24 IR LEDs, 15 meters
XP-WD743 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD

25 mm auto iris lens, auto focus,
0.0 Lux, 420 TVL, DC 12 V, 60 meters, 42 big IR LEDs
XP-W343B 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD

8/12 mm lens, 0.0 Lux, 420 TVL, DC 12V, 40 meters, 48 IR LEDs
XP-M142P 1/3 Sony CCD

1.0 Lux, 420 TVL, 12 V DC, 3.7 mm lens
DVR XP-D04/D08/D16: 4/8/16 channels

H.264 Video Compression, 30 fps NTSC per channel. Selectable fps for each channel recording. CIF-352x288/Half-D1-704x288 (16 channel) selectable. High Picture Resolution (12 levels), RS 485 for Pan/Tilt/Zoom. Keyboard Controller and Network Platform capable. Auto Sequence, Event Log. Communication Protocol: ARP, RARP, IP, TCP, PPPOE, DHCP, BUILT-IN WEB SERVER, SUPPORTS DDNS. Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, motion detection and alarm recording; Serial ATA interface for fast data backup(8-channel with USB). Multiple DVRs accessible on one Network platform. Management by IR remote controller. Instant and convenient search (fast forward, rewind and frame-by-frame playback and retrieval modes. Recording can be done continuously, for a scheduled time, or on an alarm input; entering the desired time, date and camera number allows the user to access any recorded video instantly.