While we offer products ranging from entry level to industry-leading technology, we stand by our commitment to providing quality products and services. All of our products and services carry a minimum of a one year warranty for parts and labor with extended warranty options available.
Security Systems
Secure your valuables, property and create peace of mind with ISI's customized security systems. With various options, ISI will guide you through the design process to create a system that incorporates both personal and property protection.
Don't limit music to a single room. Make your life a musical. With surround sound and distributed sound features, ISI's audio specialists can customize an audio solution for your entire house—inside and out.
Home Theater
Whether it's the Super Bowl, your favorite sitcom or the latest blockbuster on DVD, what you watch is your business; how you see it and hear it is ours. To us, Home Theater is more than a TV and an audio system. Home Theater is just what its name implies—it's a theater in your home. And at ISI, we help you achieve just that.
Central Vacuum
Unlike conventional vacuums that can re-circulate dust, ISI provides Central Vacuum Systems that remove close to 100% of dirt, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and mold spores. These built-in systems remove such particles from living spaces and directly deposit them into a canister.
Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring systems make it possible to create an environment that fully addresses the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle and/or business. Structured wiring is the backbone for ISI's invisible integration systems and allows for home automation, computer networking, whole-house audio/video, and telephone systems, all of which operate throughout your home simply and reliably.
ISI provides Intercom Systems for every communication need within the home and business. Enjoy the convenience and security of knowing who's at the door before opening it. For young families, enjoy the security of that your little one is safe and asleep by monitoring sounds from the baby's room. ISI's specialists are available to help design a system that best supports your needs.
Home Automation
Imagine your home responding to your needs and lifestyle. ISI can design a home comfort solution based on the way you live in and around your home. With one-touch control, you gain ultimate control of the world around you.
Seamlessly integrate all of your technology applications into a comprehensive networking solution. Integrate your PC’s, printers, music, appliances, and other IP based devices. By proactively creating a comprehensive network infrastructure today, you ensure that you are prepared for tomorrow’s technology.
CCTV / Video
Enhance your home or business' security with ISI's CCTV/Video options, which include digital video multiplexing, digital video recording, and network video transmission capabilities. Survey suspicious activity through play back, or see who's outside the door entrance with video monitors.
Access Control
Keyless entry and the ability to remotely release entry doors can be integrated with your security system. Incorporating access control with phone/intercom/camera systems gives you the ability to identify visitors before granting them access.
Telephone Systems
ISI provides a full line of Digital and Analog telephones as well as various intercom systems that complement the existing technological infrastructures in your home or office. From single line systems to multiple line personal/business phone systems, the phones and intercoms work together and provide total communication throughout the residence or office.
Electrical Services
ISI offers comprehensive design and build electrical services for production and custom home builders. ISI’s unique design process ensures that all national and local codes are met and exceeded along with providing design guidance to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions available.

ISI CoVolt is designed to combine low voltage infrastructures with high voltage systems and renewable energy technologies. ISI is the only provider of all three energy sources with the philosophy and knowledge of how to effectively integrate them into applications that benefit your lifestyle and lower your cost of ownership.
Renewable Energy
ISI ecointegration. Renewing our energy sources is one way to reduce our reliance on non-renewable, natural resources. ISI ecointegration is a philosophy and physical applications based on years of research that delivers a reduced reliance on non-renewable energy through energy saving technologies and the integration of photovoltaic systems.

Eco awareness has permeated our society and intelligent integration of available technologies is our responsibility. ISI ecointegration provides you with the products and services you require to fulfill your environmental obligation.